Welcome Back

Good evening,

Welcome, one and all. I’ve decided that it was time to return to See Things in a New Lightford. If you’ve followed my more recent work, I was writing at The Lightford Meta. I decided to shutdown my previous website since I wasn’t using it enough. Sure, it didn’t have ads, which was nice, but when you pay for something, it’s better to actually use said product. I didn’t write enough over there so I thought I’d return to my old website.

What’s changing? Nothing. Maybe less editing; I haven’t decided yet. I may ask others to edit my work, but time is not too important in regards to posts. If I edit my own work, it does take a little longer to finish… We shall see what happens.

My writing style is much the same, if not worse. I need to get in the habit of writing, and what’s a better way to start then write this post.

Beware, I don’t write about only video games anymore. I plan to write about video games, sports, music, existential crisis, fiction, and much more. Whatever is on my mind, I’ll basically write it here for all to read. One thing I don’t plan on skimping on is my research. I love the research aspects of writing.

Topics I would like to cover on here someday:

The Gaming Culture Changed Me – The fact that video games as gifts mean less than nothing

A Ballad for Psyduck – The only greatest Pokemon to ever exist

The Lightning Affect: Stockholm Syndrome – Final Fantasy XII’s Lightning is one character you shouldn’t forget

Poetry Using Music – How poetry is formed due to music

Too Much Football – The amount of football leagues is about to double

My Writing Process – Discuss a novel I’m working on and how I create the story through lore

Thanks for reading!